Cardboard Stage launches at International Arts & Technology Festival in Austria

By September 3, 2015Events

Cardboard Stage was launched at the annual Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. The platform provides a social stage for young artist to present their performances to a global audience via traditional and 360 virtual reality footage. Cardboard Stage allows artists to create and share their STAGE at

“Cardboard Stage offers a needed publishing forum for young emerging artists”, says founder Dasha Schwartz. “We have already seen performances posted from Amsterdam, Montreal and Toronto. Using Google Cardboard as well as non-360 media channels we can help artists perform on a non-traditional stage and reach a non-traditional audience.”

Professor Derrick de Kerckhove who heads The Ateliers at Ars Electronica said, “Cardboard Stage is part of the new sharing economy. Young artist need to be empowered to create and share in order advance their creativity and careers in an increasingly global arts community. The theme of this years Ars Electronica Festival is the POST CITY. How do the arts fit into the new dynamic of the smart city? Cardboard Stage is a tool of this POST CITY.”


credit: Florian Voggeneder

credit: Florian Voggeneder


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